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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

by integrating cutting-edge technology and high-end fashion. 


A trendy smart eyewear with awesome design,

with private listening without closing you out from the sounds of your environment,

making a perfect fashionable device for traveling, office or even exercise.

Aside from outstanding audio experience, Smart glasses comes with powerful battery to allow users to keep wearing them for hours on end. Smart glasses can play music for 6 hours continuously on a single charge. 

Smart glasses supports updated smart gesture control. For pairing1, users only need to gently pinch on the left temple. In addition, the voice assistant can be easily activated by a double tap on the left temple.Smart glasses also supports swiping gestures. To play the next/previous song or adjust the volume, users only need to make a few swipes on the temples without taking out their phone. Equipped with multiple advanced sensors

Meet The Smart Glasses

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